Shalom. Rest. Delight.

As I look back at my loosely defined 2017 resolution to “rest more,” I’m encouraged to see that it’s already taken shape in my life over the last three weeks. “Rest more” has become the still small voice of grace speaking truth to my overactive mind. Each morning, this voice reminds me that I am free to live apart from the expectations that I place on myself: that it’s OK not to be the perfect employee and arrive at the office by 8am — instead, I have the liberty to read Scripture and write before diving into my commute. This grace frees me from condemning myself for lying in bed well past 9am on a Saturday instead of hitting the gym at 7 like I had planned. It’s given me the grace to read a book at home because I’m exhausted instead of shopping for groceries or running out for long-put off errands. It’s helped me be OK to come home from the office early and cancel my evening plans because I’m sick and need to sleep and get well. This season of grace is helping me learn to be wise. It’s teaching me understand my limits and put boundaries around the things that I need, instead of striving to accomplish the things I think I need to do. I’m learning that rest doesn’t equate to sloth and that leisure does not necessitate idleness. In fact, I’m building my capacity to be present with others and to love them out of the bounty of delight and not from the emptiness of obligation.

Though I’m in the wake of a new job transition, this season of rest is helping me learn how to live on a full tank rather than running on frantic fumes all the time.

How are you letting yourself experience grace?